Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Critique Does NOT Equal Condemnation

I believe it is VERY important that I remind my readers that I most definitely consider many charismatics to be true brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Those who understand and embrace the essentials of the gospel--wholly placing their faith and trust in what Christ has accomplished--can and do enjoy Christian fellowship.

What my concern is (and has been since I left the movement 25+ yrs. ago) that much of what is being taught and practiced by charismatic believers;

1) is in some ways a 'different' gospel
2) brings shame upon the name of God
3) brings into question God's very nature and character
4) often detracts from rather than highlights God's call and purpose for His children

So please, do not allow yourself to believe that my examination and critique of charismatic theology and practice is in any way a condemnation of individuals--it most certainly is not.

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